School improvement

School Improvement Plans

In consultation with staff, governors, children and parents we produce an annual school improvement plan and update our school community with our progress every term. There are two versions of our school improvement plan – one for children and one for parents. These can be found in the links section of this page.

Parent Forum

We hold termly meetings with parents to discuss how best to improve the school. These can take the form of a formal parent forum meeting, or the more relaxed setting of a coffee morning. Minutes from these meetings are then published to parents.

Annual Parents’ Questionnaire

We send home a questionnaire for parents each year, so that we can receive their feedback on how the school is performing. This year we had a response rate of over 70%.

School Council

Our School Council (right) is a group of democratically elected pupils who meet regularly to discuss relevant issues to the school and community. There are two children elected from each Year One and Two class who attend the meetings as ‘the voice’ for their class. These students are known as the Class Representatives. They are expected to share the ideas of their classes as well as relaying information from the meetings: this might be to their classes or in assemblies. The meetings are run by Mrs Herring.

Writtle Infant School Council 2018 -19 – Mia, Bobby, Ralph, Lexie, Charlie, Toby, Gretchen & Alexa