The Governing Body ensures that the emphasis throughout the school meets the requirements of the National Curriculum and that children work with purpose, understanding and enjoyment. The children’s achievements are valued at all times and there are high expectations of them both academically and socially. Consideration is also given to their varying starting points and children are encouraged to work to the best of their ability in a supportive environment.

We use a variety of cross-curricular themes for the delivery of the key skills within the Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, thus ensuring progression throughout. In line with national guidelines, we aim to provide a good grounding in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. We enhance the curriculum with outside visits, theme weeks and enriching activities such as different speakers in assembly.

All children have equal access to the full curriculum, which is free from bias or discrimination. We have a detailed Equality Duty Policy and ensure that opportunities to explore multicultural issues are in place. No charges are made for materials or excursions in school time which are part of the curriculum. Parents may be asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of items or trips, as without them these activities could not take place, but no child is ever excluded from an activity or treated differently because of their parents’ ability to contribute.