The School Day

School timetable

Foundation Stage Years 1 & 2
08:45 School doors open
08:55 School day begins

Children have a “rolling break” throughout the morning.

11:45 -12:55 Lunch
12:05 -13:15 Lunch
15:10 School day ends
N.B. The school office is open from 8am to 4pm.


Children in Foundation Stage are in either Foxes or Squirrels class. In Year 1 we have Parrots and Turtles, in Year 2 Dolphins and Sharks. A complete list of our teaching and support staff is available here. Classes are arranged to facilitate the best combination of children, bearing in mind age and social adjustment and to allow the most efficient deployment of staff available.


Our doors open at 8.45am, 10 minutes before the bell. Children go in through the playground doors nearest their classroom.  The bell rings at 8.55am when all children should be in their classrooms, ready to start their day.  For security reasons, the playground doors and gates are locked at 9.00am.  Late arrivals should report to the school office, where parents will be asked to sign their child in.

We encourage children to enter school on their own – both to avoid congestion and to help develop their independence. Naturally we make an exception to this rule during the first week for our Foundation Stage starters.  Our staff greet the children on arrival at school each morning, take non-urgent messages and also assist parents with their children’s needs.

Children should bring their book bag, a bottle of water and a fresh/dried fruit or vegetable snack with them every day. When they arrive at school in the morning they will hang up their coat, place their water bottle and snack on the shelf and put their book bag in their tray.

Going home

At the end of the school day, Year 2 children are collected playground door nearest the hall, Year 1 from the door nearest Squirrels class and Foundation Stage exit via their garden. Please call the school office if you may be late collecting your children, or if your child will be collected by someone else.


Good attendance and punctuality are very important to the school. Both are closely monitored and followed up where necessary. The National Expected Level is 96% attendance, our level is currently 97%. We believe there is a strong link between a pupil’s attendance and their attainment, and that attitudes towards attendance and punctuality are formed in a child’s early years’ experiences. Therefore we have both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure all pupils attend school regularly.  Children with an excellent attendance record are awarded a certificate at the end of term. Classes with the best attendance each week receive a certificate and a school mascot for the week.

All schools must keep a record of authorised and unauthorised absences. Please notify the school on the first day of absence. Prior warnings of any medical appointments is much appreciated. Absence during term time can only be authorised in exceptional circumstances.

Appointments during the school day

Please report to the school office when you take your children out of school – e.g. to a medical appointment – and when you deliver them back to school. Not only do we have to record reasons for absence in the register, we also have to quickly account for all children in an emergency. If your children will be arriving late to school because of an appointment, please let the office know whether or not they will be there for school dinner/packed lunch.  Wherever possible please try to book appointments outside the school day.