Covid-19 uniform update

No children will require a PE kit in September. Please dress in joggers/leggings/shorts that are easy to move around in, rather than formal trousers or dresses. Children should wear black or white trainers with velcro fastenings instead of school shoes. Teachers will not be able to assist with shoelaces. Children should not bring a book bag to school in September.
Read our Covid-19 new procedures from September 2020

School Uniform

Although the wearing of uniform is not compulsory, we do encourage it, as we believe it helps children feel part of our school community.

Generally, we expect:

  • All clothing and footwear to be named.
  • Children to bring a coat to school each day as the weather can be very changeable, especially on our exposed playing areas.
  • Children to bring a book bag (not a school bag/back pack) to school every day
  • Children to come to school in clothes and shoes which they can manage easily, to help their independence and the class teacher.  E.g. if they are unable to tie their own shoelaces, velcro fasteners on shoes would be appreciated.
  • All long hair to be tied back because it looks smarter, helps prevent the spread of head lice and is much safer for PE.
  • Sensible haircuts e.g. no razor cut designs, Mohicans or dyed hair.
  • All PE kit to be kept in school checked for size at the end of each half term.
  • No nail varnish, tattoos or make up.
  • No open toed shoes (for the children’s safety).


Children should not bring a bag/ back pack to school as we do not have the space to store them. If a bag is essential, it must be small.


Jewellery should not be worn to school. We cannot tape over earrings for PE lessons so children must be able to remove their earrings and place them in an envelope. Ears should only be pierced in the summer holidays to allow time for them to heal, otherwise children are unable to do PE for 6 weeks.

We must stress that the school cannot be held responsible for any items that are lost or accidentally damaged. Therefore as a general rule please do not send the children to school with items of a precious or special nature.

Sun protection

In hot and sunny weather, we recommend:

  • A hat to be kept in school. You can buy school baseball caps from the office.
  • Loose fitting, long sleeved protection for those children who burn easily.
  • Sunglasses (look for the CE (European Community Standard) and British Standard (BS EN 1836) marks when buying sunglasses.)
  • An application, before school, of a high factor sunscreen suitable for your child’s skin type. Wherever possible please use one of the long-lasting sun creams which last all day.  If a child is at significant risk from sunburn and needs help with cream application, please speak to the office staff.

Girls uniform

Foundation Stage: Black/dark grey jogging bottoms or leggings (winter)
Year 1 & 2: Dark grey skirts or trousers (winter)
Royal/light blue check/striped dresses (summer)
White polo shirts
Royal blue sweatshirt, jumper, cardigan or fleece
Blue, grey or white tights or socks
A ”pack a mac” to be kept in school

Boys uniform

Foundation Stage: Black/dark grey jogging bottoms (winter)
Year 1 & 2: Dark grey trousers (winter)
Grey shorts (summer)
White polo shirts
Royal blue sweatshirt, jumper or fleece
Grey or black socks
A ”pack a mac” to be kept in school

Girls PE kit

Royal blue t-shirt
Black shorts
In winter, black jogging bottoms/leggings
Spare pair of socks, to wear with PE shoes

Boys PE kit

Royal blue t-shirt
Black shorts
In winter, black jogging bottoms


Foundation Stage: Black velcro trainers and wellies (named please)
Year 1 & 2: Sensible, black shoes*
*Coloured / white trainers, flip-flops, mules, jellies, crocs and high heels are not deemed suitable footwear for school.
Trainers are worn for all PE. We do not advise wearing plimsolls for PE as they do not offer enough support for your children’s feet. If boots are worn to school, please can the children bring a pair of shoes to change into.

Change of clothes

All children in Foundation Stage should have a change of clothes in their PE bag (spare pants, socks, tops and bottoms – all labelled please).

Uniform for Sale

One Stop School GearUniform and accessories embroidered with our logo can be purchased from One Stop School Gear. However, non-branded uniform is also perfectly acceptable.

School sweatshirt £10
School cardigan £11.20
Fleece jacket £14.00
Polo shirt – (short sleeved) £6.90
Pack of 5 polo shirts £32.00
PE t-shirt £5.00
Baseball cap £5.00
PE bag £2.50
Book bag £5.00