Welcome to Writtle Infant School

Writtle Infant School is a friendly and successful village school, located in the heart of our community and working in a very close partnership with Writtle Junior School. Our dedicated staff put the children first, working hard to create a safe, nurturing and happy environment in which every pupil and their family feels valued. Visitors to our school will find a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where every member of staff recognises what a privilege it is to take care of children at the start of their educational journey and develop their individual interests. We set high standards for achievement and behaviour and know that children make the best progress when they have secure, respectful relationships with their peers and adults. We believe in children developing an understanding of the world around them and becoming active members of the community.

Children benefit from a wealth of exciting opportunities and key experiences to complement their learning. Our Forest School lessons are central to enhancing the curriculum for all children, giving them the opportunity to explore and learn from the natural world. We have extensive and varied sports provision and place great emphasis on appreciation and involvement in the arts, with a well-developed music, art and technology curriculum. We know that these enriching activities support the development of healthy, happy minds and we are committed to promoting positive mental health and well-being for all children.

We are always delighted to welcome parents to visit our school. If you are interested in a place for your child, please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an appointment to see our wonderful school in operation.

Mr. Nick Taylor, Executive Headteacher
Mrs. Tracey Wilson, Head of School

Promoting positive mental health.

Fostering a love of reading.

A focus on the arts.

Our Values

Our school values were chosen by all stakeholders and reflect British values and the behaviour we expect from our school community. We use the acronym HIPIP to teach the children these values:
Honesty “We always tell the truth, even when it is difficult.”
Independence “We try to do things for ourselves, without help.”
Perseverance “We always try our best.”
Inclusivity “We welcome, listen to and include others.”
Politeness “We show respect to all children and adults.”
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Health & Happiness Hub

We are fundraising for our Health & Happiness Hub! So far we have been awarded £13,000 in grants and raised a further £3060. We will also spend £15,000 from school funds specifically allocated to building projects and children’s health & wellbeing. Our target is at least £50,000.
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Amount raised to date: £31,060
Target: £50,000

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