Sport Premium


A Physical Education and Sports Grant is allocated to schools based on the number of children the school has on roll. The purpose of this funding is to improve and enhance the provision of PE across Primary Schools.

Our Vision

At Writtle Infant School we are fully committed to providing every pupil with access to the highest quality of Physical Education, together with developing our young children’s understanding of the importance and benefits, both physically and mentally, of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Alongside our engaging weekly PE lessons, we currently run a variety of clubs (both before and after school) that provide our children opportunities to engage in sport/physical activity. Such clubs are run by staff and professional external coaches.

Objectives of Spend:

  • to improve the provision and quality of PE and Sport at WIS
  • to ensure that PE and School sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring
  • to develop our children’s love of sport and physical activity
  • to continue to develop a whole school ethos of good health and mental well-being
  • to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in the teaching of PE and sport
  • to provide our children the opportunities to engage in a variety of sporting activities
  • to increase participation in competitive sport (both ultra and inter) whilst promoting the values of teamwork, determination, respect and good sporting behaviour.

School Sport Premium 2018 – 19 (Government funding)

Primary PE & Sport Grant Awarded – Writtle Infant School
Total number of pupils on roll 120 KS1
Lump sum £17,200
Total grant amount £17,200
PE & School Sport Co-ordinator Mrs. J. Scott-Simons
Governor responsible for PE & School Sport Mrs. Suzy Newman

Summary of Primary Sport Premium 2018 -19

At Writtle Infant School we aim to use the Sports Premium money to create a sustainable curriculum for all children. Therefore some of the money provided by the funding will be invested in the professional development of staff and as a result should enhance the quality of teaching for all children. New planning has been developed to create a consistent approach to teaching P.E. across the school. As a result, the quality of children’s learning and development should be improved.We employ sports’ specialist teachers to work in our school throughout the week. The specialists coach all teachers and work alongside them in a range of sports. Due to this influence and expertise, all teachers will have the chance to develop their teaching of P.E. and will team teach with a specialist to increase knowledge, skills and confidence.

In addition to creating a sustainable P.E environment, Writtle Infant School also aspires to engage as many children as possible in extra-curricular activities. Consequently we have used part of the funding to employ outside coaches to run after-school clubs in which the children can participate. We hope that children will broaden their experiences by participating in these clubs and become more enthusiastic about P.E and sport.

After school clubs take place in addition to teacher led clubs. These have focused on extra-curricular physical and sports interests across Key Stage 1. These clubs allow children to engage and participate in sports which they would otherwise not have the opportunity to do.

Objectives of spend:

  • Improve the provision and quality of PE & School Sport at Writtle Infant School.
  • Ensure that PE & School Sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring.
  • Broaden the sporting opportunities and experiences available to pupils.
  • To develop a love of sport and physical activity.
Item/project Cost Outcome Evidence and Impact
Subscription to Chelmsford School Sports Partnership

Access to competition/events within school and against other schools


Mini Games projected coach cost £315

Tennis Foundation membership £15

Wimbledon trip projected contribution for staff, tickets & travel £270

Membership entitles us to receive curriculum support, CPD opportunities for all staff and specialist coaching.

To increase pupil access and opportunity to sporting activities that are away from the school site.

Entry to the Wimbledon ballot and staff resources

Levels of physical activity, fitness and enjoyment will increase for pupils. They will have access to equipment and events which might normally be unavailable to them. New skills will then be developed.

An increased number of children involved in competition at Level 1 Intra – within school and Inter – against other schools.

Pupils are confident and willing to take risks.

Pupils have developed an element of ‘competitiveness’, school pride and improved self-esteem through increased participation.

Specialist PE Coaches to work alongside teachers to improve teaching, learn skills progression and develop assessment in PE

  • Dance teaching
  • Gymnastics teaching
  • Games teaching (cricket, tennis, rugby, football, hockey, multi-skills, athletics)
  • Basketball teaching (Autumn & Spring terms)
  • Multi-skills (Spring & Summer terms)
  • Yoga (KS1)
  • Fencing (KS1)
Specialist teaching – £7650 Work alongside teachers to up-skill teachers.

Increase motivation of children and staff during PE lessons, improving fitness, stamina lifelong health and fitness awareness.

Support for clubs and training for competition, enabling more children the opportunity and access to competitions that may not have been accessible to them in the past.

Each year group to have specialist teaching in Gymnastics, Dance and Games. This will support teachers and develop confidence and competence in lesson planning and delivery. It will also provide opportunities to assess pupils’ skills and progress.

Teachers feel more supported and confident to teach good/outstanding PE lessons.

Pupils skills have been tracked and progress recorded

An increased number of children have been involved in Sports clubs and pupils have represented the School in competitions against other schools.

We have seen improved success within Level 1 competition this year compared to previous years (competition in school and at an individual level).

Enhanced, inclusive curriculum provision. Noticeable improvement of the enjoyment of PE – especially Dance in the boys and hand eye coordination in the girls.

A bank of ideas for planning future lessons.

Positive feedback from staff regarding CDP opportunities. Evidence can then be seen in planning and delivery of lessons.

Staff Training

  • PLT training

Seahorse Staff Training, Spring and Summer 2018

Staff PE Uniform

Amazing Me project for wellbeing £1,300

PLT – Training and Release – £340

£3500, staff cover costs £340


Working with the Children’s Health Project we have created a vision of educating children to have respect for their bodies and minds and to make healthy choices with confidence. We want to encourage all children to understand the importance of being healthy and happy and what support we can give if this is difficult. We aim to make every child at our school a healthy, active child who is ready to enjoy all aspects of learning. Scheme of work and resources for whole school received.Mrs Herring to meet with the Governing Body in Autumn 2017 to discuss the impact of health and wellbeing on the school as a whole. School website health and wellbeing page updated.Wellbeing questionnaire sent to all parents and children.
2 x Health Ambassador workshops for parents Spring/Summer 2018 £850

£400 workshops

£320 Children’s Health Project bags

Part of our focus on children’s health and being active at home as well as at school
Play Leaders and a MDA play supervisor

Lunchtime equipment

Sports equipment

New storage for PE equipment, Spring/Summer 2018

Children’s competition PE kit

Running club £300

Sports equipment purchased £500Safe Practice in PE, School Sport & Physical Activity Manual £50



To have good quality lunchtime equipment to engage the children.To increase the amount of time each week pupils participate in physical/fitness related activities at lunchtime.

Increased stamina and enjoyment in lunchtime activities.

Improved resources for PE.

Increased leadership skills of a designated MDA play supervisor and sports/play leaders. Increased enjoyment and behaviour of children during the lunch hour. Pupils more engaged and ready to learn after lunch.More pupils active during lunchtime.

Improved behaviour as a result of new code of conduct for all children.

Sports Day Medals/badges/stickers for Sports Day £100Sponsored 2km Race for Life event at Sports Day Inclusive Sports Day will include a competitive team event and individual class sprint and novelty races, followed by a 2km sponsored Race for Life for children and parents. Medals, badges and certificates will be awarded.Visit from a GB athlete.

Opportunities to try different sports/physical activities

Whole school participation in competition and earning points for their team.Improved self-esteem of all pupils and celebration of our gifted and talented children in PE.
In house sporting clubs Jump Start Jonny annual subscription £53Running club equipment purchased Fun Fitness club after schoolRunning club before school proving very popular Children actively enjoying workout videosMany children (approx. 15 to 20) now regularly take part in Chelmsford Junior Park Run on Sunday mornings.
Pupil Premium Access to Sporting Activity Pupil premium used to fund one sports club per child (£580)16 KS1 Pupil Premium children 2017/18 Increasing take up of pupil premium children participating in sporting clubs. 37.5% Pupil Premium children taking part in sports clubs in Autumn 2017.


Total premium received: £17,200 + £427 – carried over from 2017-18
Total premium spend: £15,643
Premium remaining: £1,984

Curriculum PE outcomes

  • Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 gymnastics focus: Progression of skills and development of sequences (individual, pairs and groups).
  • Gifted and talented element – Our Year 2 team participated in a Level 2 schools gymnastic competition.
  • Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have been involved in Dance and Gymnastics demonstration lessons for trainee teachers.
  • Foundation Stage – Linked to curriculum based topic work/stories
  • Year 1 – Linked to Curriculum themes
  • Year 2 – Developing sequences of movement, different dance genres and styles
  • Gifted and talented element – Year 1/Year 2 gifted and talented pupils received additional teaching time. Focus on boys dance.
  • We hosted a KS1 Level 2 Inter schools Dance festival.
  • Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils all performed dances in their Christmas productions.
  • Year 2 produced dances for the Easter/Infant Music Festival production of Rapunzel.
  • Dance club and the Gifted and talented Year 1 and Year 2 boys performed at the school Summer Fayre.
  • Year 2 performed a Country Dancing display at the Summer Fayre/Sports Day.
  • Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have been involved in Dance and Gymnastics demonstration lessons for trainee teachers.
  • Foundation Stage – Development of basic/fundamental skills and specialist basketball teaching
  • Year 1/Year 2 Development of key skills, hand/eye coordination, balance and stamina
  • Year 1 – Ball skills, hockey, basketball
  • Year 2 – Football, Tag rugby, 3Tees Cricket, Tennis, basketball
  • Year 2 – Level 1 Intra school competitions – Football, Tag rugby, basketball, Cricket and Tennis
  • Level 2 Inter schools competition for Tennis
  • Year 2 Tennis club pupils attended the Wimbledon Tennis championships
  • All Year 2 pupils attended National Cricket Week Schools Event at Essex Cricket Ground in June 2017
  • Some of Year 2 attending Cricket All Stars Festival including training for staff and children
  • Foundation Stage/Year 1/Year 2 – Development of running, throwing and jumping skills
  • Whole school participation at Sports Day – Team and individual races (sprint and novelty races
  • Year 1 – Level 2 Inter schools Teddy ‘ Lympics competition
  • Year 2 – Level 2 Inter schools Mini Games Competition (all Year 2 pupils)– Group winners and Individual Girls’ gold medallist
  • Yoga introduced as a KS1 morning club
  • Yoga workshops for Foundation Stage in the Summer term