Sport Premium


A Physical Education and Sports Grant is allocated to schools based on the number of children the school has on roll. The purpose of this funding is to improve and enhance the provision of PE across Primary Schools.

Our Vision

At Writtle Infant School we are fully committed to providing every pupil with access to the highest quality of Physical Education, together with developing our young children’s understanding of the importance and benefits, both physically and mentally, of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Alongside our engaging weekly PE lessons, we offer a variety of clubs (both before and after school) that provide our children opportunities to engage in sport/physical activity. Such clubs are run by staff and professional external coaches.

Objectives of Spend:

  • to improve the provision and quality of PE and Sport at WIS
  • to ensure that PE and School sport is judged as at least good by external monitoring
  • to develop our children’s love of sport and physical activity
  • to continue to develop a whole school ethos of good health and mental well-being
  • to increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in the teaching of PE and sport
  • to provide our children the opportunities to engage in a variety of sporting activities
  • to increase participation in competitive sport (both ultra and inter) whilst promoting the values of teamwork, determination, respect and good sporting behaviour.

Summary of Primary Sport Premium 2020 - 21

At Writtle Infant School we aim to use the Sport Premium money to create a sustainable curriculum for all children. We like to invest in the professional development of staff through training and by observing specialist teachers in school and taking part in competitions. Due to Covid 19 lockdowns and restrictions that were put in place, we were unable to completely fulfil our objectives in 2020-21. Through the Chelmsford School Sport Partnership however, we were able to enter inter-school competitions ‘virtually:’ EYFS took part in Cup Stacking, Year 1 children took part in the annual Teddy Lympics Festival, while Year 2 took part in a Mini Games Competition. As a school, we also took part in ‘Skip, Hop, Hooray’, where schools around the county took on a skipping challenge. This was also organised by CSSP.

Despite the lack of outside professionals coming into school this year, we were still able to further broaden the skills and development of our children and give them some ‘in house’ experiences, such has Archery and ‘Little Riders.’ Such activities enabled the children to improve their aim and strength as well as get a super work out, whilst developing core stability, leg strength, stamina and coordination. To help further development of hand-eye coordination and fitness, children across the school were given their own sports bag, containing a skipping rope, bean bag and tennis ball, to use both in PE lessons and during outside play times. Having their own mini equipment bag allowed the children to be easily active in a Covid safe way.
Over the course of the year, money spent has given the children sporting opportunities and equipment to use during this academic year and also prepared the school for exciting active times from the start of the next academic year.

PE & School Sport Co-ordinator: Mrs. J. Scott-Simons
Governor responsible for PE & School Sport: Mr. Matthew Coffey

Item/project Cost Outcome Evidence and Impact
Subscription to Chelmsford School Sport Partnership £472.00 Access to competition/events within school and against other schools. Membership entitles us to receive curriculum support, CPD opportunities for all staff and specialist coaching. All children (EYFS included) were involved in competition at Level 1 Intra – within school and Inter – against other schools. PLT had regular online meetings.
Jump Start Jonny £60.00 All staff have online access to fun, active and engaging lessons for their class. A fun way of enabling children to be active within their classrooms, particularly valuable during lockdown restrictions.
PLT training £30.00 Online Gymnastics training for NQT and Student teacher. Opportunity given for gymnastics training to allow for safe practice in future gymnastics lessons.
Staff Release £8,000.00 Time given for PLT to teach other classes and give advice/help when needed. Time given also to attend valuable ‘zoom’ meetings with CSSP and attend to new resources and equipment. Experienced staff provide Forest School which is an outdoor active education. All children from all year groups are provided with a Forest School Education, with a range of exciting equipment and resources to use.
Shed £4,000.00 To have a safe and secure building to store outside Sports equipment and Forest school resources. Enables quick access to equipment
Equipment for Forest School £600.00 Equipment to provide a variety of outdoor ‘active’ learning opportunities. All children from all year groups are provided with a Forest School Education, with a range of exciting equipment and resources to use.
Step ladder £47.50 Safe and secure step ladder to access equipment at the top of the PE cupboard
Sports Uniform £1,500.00 Polo tops and zipped hoodies (in school colours) for all staff members with WIS sewn on to embrace our active ethos within school Will give a smarter appearance at inter/intra competitions, as well as when parents and visitors come into school for activities such as sports day.
PE equipment £5,750.00 New climbing apparatus, balancing bars, balls, skipping ropes and rechargeable stopwatches. These will broaden and develop PE and Sport with EYFS and KS1 Individual PE bags and equipment enabled safe PE/active lessons both inside and outside during Covid 19 restrictions.
Playground £4,890.00 Well-being and active learning signs to enhance and develop outside activity, along with new paint on existing ‘active’ games on the playground floor.
Sports activity £200.00 ‘Little Riders’ hired from CSSP for one week for all children to benefit from a different and fun way to be active. Children were given the opportunity to develop their strength and stamina in fun ‘riding’ sessions of these mechanical horses and creatures.
Sports Day Our inclusive Sports Day was a competitive team event with a mixture of athletic activities and a novelty race. There were separate events held for each year group. Medals and sports value stickers were given out.

Opportunities to try different sports/physical activities

Whole school participation in competition and earning points for their team in a Covid friendly, safe environment. This event improved the self-esteem of all pupils and was a celebration of our gifted and talented children in PE.
Total Premium Spend 2020-21 £25,549.50
Total Premium Received 2020-21 £17,200.00
Under-spend from 2019-20 £17,021.00
Sport Premium carried forward to 2021-22 £8,671.50