Assessment & Reports


We send home progress summary reports in the Autumn and Spring terms to show how your child has settled in to the new academic year.

At the end of each academic year every parent also receives a more detailed annual report. The report will include comments on the progress made in all curriculum areas; suggestions on how to promote further success and the number of unauthorised and authorised absences recorded in the year.

The children also write a report about themselves. On the reply slip attached to the report, parents are invited to comment on the report they have received and to advise us of any achievements their child has made in any other activities. Parents can make an appointment to discuss the annual report if they wish.

Assessment at the end of Foundation Stage

The ‘EYFS Profile’ summarises and describes children’s attainment at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Assessments are based primarily on observation of children’s daily activities and events at school and will also take account of a range of perspectives including those of the child, parents, carers and other adults who have significant interactions with the child. Children’s development and progress will be captured in their ‘Learning Journey’ which is a special book that will tell the ‘story’ of their time in Foundation Stage.

A completed EYFS Profile consists of 20 items of information: the attainment of each child assessed in relation to the 17 Early Learning Goals (ELGs), together with a short narrative describing the child’s learning characteristics. For each ELG the staff will judge whether the children are meeting the level of development expected at the end of the Foundation Stage (expected), exceeding this level (exceeding), or not yet reaching this level (emerging). This information will be shared with the Year 1 teachers and will also be used to form an end of year report for parents.

Writtle Infant School EYFS Good Level of Development (GLD) 2019
Writtle Infant School GLD 2019 National 2019
76.3% 71.8%

Year 1 & 2 Phonics Screening Check

The phonics screening check is an assessment completed in the summer term to confirm whether individual children have learnt phonic decoding to an appropriate standard. That is, children can recognise the sounds that individual letters / combinations of letters make in words and can blend them together to read new words they see or hear. The check is for all Year 1 pupils and children in Year 2 who previously did not meet the standard of the check in Year 1. Results of this check are shared with parents at the end of an academic year.

Writtle Infant School Phonics Screening Results 2019
Writtle Infant School – Year One 2019 National – Year One 2019
81.4% 81.9%

Key Stage 1 Assessment

In the spring/summer terms of your child’s final year at the infant school (Year 2), the children are assessed by their class teacher in reading, writing, mathematics and science. Prior to the assessments taking place, parents are invited into school to discuss the procedures with the Year 2 teachers. Individual standards achieved are included in the children’s annual reports. Below is a summary of the school’s results compared to national results.

Writtle Infant School Key Stage 1 Results 2019

This table shows the percentage of eligible children achieving the expected and above expected (greater depth) level in 2019. The number of eligible children is 61.

TEACHER ASSESSMENT (Percentage at each level)
Expected and above Greater depth Disapplied children Absent children
Reading 74% 33% 0 0
Writing 57% 5% 0 0
Mathematics 71% 26% 0 0
Science 82% n/a 0 0
Reading, writing and maths 56% 1.6% 0 0
Reading, writing, maths and science 56% n/a 0 0

*Results for writing and science are based on teacher assessment only.

National Key Stage 1 Results 2019
TEACHER ASSESSMENT (Percentage at each level)
Expected Above expected
Reading 74.9% 25%
Writing 69% 14.8%
Mathematics 75.6% 21.7%
Reading, writing and maths 64.9% 11%