Values & Ethos

Our vision is for the school to be:

A very special place, where learning has no limits.

Our aims for the school community are to:

  • promote the importance of the partnership between home and school as the route to the well-being and success of the individual;
  • deal decisively with bullying, discrimination and disadvantage to ensure individuals feel safe, happy and equal;
  • set high expectations and give everyone the confidence that they can succeed;
  • establish what learners already know and to build upon this;
  • structure and pace the learning experience to make it challenging, enjoyable and achievable;
  • recognise individual talents and skills so that they can be celebrated and used for the benefit of all;
  • empower individuals to be active partners in their own learning;
  • establish the foundations for life-long learning skills and personal qualities which prosper the individual and the society we serve

HIPIP, our school mascot, tells us the school values:

Honesty “We always tell the truth, even when it is difficult.”
Independence “We try to do things for ourselves, without help.”
Perseverance “We always try our best.”
Inclusivity “We welcome, listen to and include others.”
Politeness “We show respect to all children and adults.”

It’s hip to be HIPIP!