Values & Ethos

Our vision is for the school to be:

A very special place, where learning has no limits.

Our aims for the school community are as follows:

  • All children want to come to school, are safe and enjoy learning.
  • Learning is real, immersive and purposeful for all children.
  • Teaching is excellent and all children thrive and make good progress or better.
  • We install tolerance and acceptance of difference in our school community.
  • Our HIPIP values are embedded at all levels with a culture of continual improvement.
  • Well-being and mental health has a high priority with all staff feeling valued, included and engaged.
  • The school makes a real difference to the local community and we involve ourselves in partnerships that make a real difference to our children.

HIPIP, our school mascot, tells us the school values:

Honesty “We always tell the truth, even when it is difficult.”
Independence “We try to do things for ourselves, without help.”
Perseverance “We always try our best.”
Inclusivity “We welcome, listen to and include others.”
Politeness “We show respect to all children and adults.”

It’s hip to be HIPIP!