Core Experiences

The following 10 core experiences are provided each year as a ‘minimum entitlement’.

  • To perform in a concert to their parents and/or other relatives;
  • To have opportunities for well-being consistently, including days every half term;
  • To take part in a class assembly, shared with parents and visitors;
  • To have well-planned transition to the next year group/school;
  • To go on an educational visit in the local area or further afield;
  • To watch a live performance undertaken by visiting professionals e.g. storytellers, musicians, actors or other performers;
  • To access at least 2 hours of high quality, organised physical activity each week;
  • To have access to extended provision in the form of after school clubs in KS1;
  • To have access to Forest Schools and other quality outside learning;
  • To have opportunities to work with the local community, for example the local church, parish council, village groups and Junior school.