What’s On – Friday 25th March

Message from Mrs. Castell

Dear Parents

I hope you have enjoyed the glorious sunshine this week. The children have certainly made the most of it and we hope for the return of the ducks on the school pond. Thank you to our amazing WISPA team for their brilliant organisation of the Special Someone event this morning. Many children will be bringing home a specially chosen gift for their loved one this Sunday. Please take a look at the WISPA Eventbrite page for details of the Easter Craft Pack and Easter Bonnet competition next week.

Parents' Evening
We look forward to seeing you at the Parents' Evening appointments next week. These will be held in person in school. We ask that parents enter through the front door in good time for their appointment and that they leave children at home, as there is no supervision available. In advance of your appointment, we have arranged book looks at the following times:
Tuesday 29th March 8.30-9am for Year One
Thursday 31st March 8.30-9am for Year Two

I will open the hall door to let you in. If you would like the books to be out for Parents' Evening instead, please let us know.

We have a generous ten minute period from 8.45 until 8.55 for children to come into school. Learning begins as soon as the children enter the classroom. Of course there are days where delays are unavoidable, but we are seeing children coming in late regularly. The playground gate must be closed after 8.55am as we need to secure the school, so please try to be punctual.

Parent Lunches - reminder
As you will be aware we cancelled the parent lunches earlier in the term as we had such a high level of Covid cases in the school. We have re-booked these as follows:

Foxes 11.45am 27th April
Squirrels 11.45am 4th May
Turtles 12.05pm 11th May
Parrots 12.05pm 18th May
Dolphins 12.05pm 25th May
Sharks 12.05pm 8th June

Forest School lessons have now finished for this term, with each class having five lessons each. Most clubs have now finished for the term apart from Young Architects, Forest School and Football. Please ensure that you have made appropriate childcare arrangements, as due to Parents Evening we will have limited options for minding any children who are left behind.

A reminder we break up next Friday 1st April and children return on Wednesday 20th April. Tuesday 19th is an INSET day.

Warm regards
Helen Castell


  • Dogs are not permitted on the school playground.
  • We love to share awards, medals, trophies, even anecdotes from children’s achievements outside of school. Please hand them to me or email parents@writtleinfantschool.com for assemblies on Friday.
  • Diary dates and school events can added from our website to the calendar on your phone. Click on your chosen list of dates from the Links section and then click export at the bottom of the page.

International Space Station visible tonight!

The ISS constantly orbits the earth (every 90 minutes) and at the moment its orbit takes it over the UK.  At 19.48 tonight it will pass West to East straight overhead and should be visible for about 5 minutes, assuming the night is clear. If it's not too late for little ones, parents might like to show children and explain that the ISS is travelling at 17,500 miles per hour and that there are people inside it!

Year 2 News

Dolphins class logoSharks class logo

We have continued to explore our ‘Great Fire of London’ topic. It really seems to have sparked their curiosity and interest in History. They have put their detective skills to good use by exploring different sources of information related to the events and famous people. The children were “on fire” with their questioning and were articulate in their reasoning. They were certainly fascinated by Samuel Pepys’ diary entries. Ask them to tell you all about him. Our work on fractions is progressing well and this week we have focused on recognising quarters and thirds of shapes and quantities. Of course the children have been preparing cards and messages for some special people in their lives (all will be revealed on Sunday!). Mum’s the word!

Click here for this week's home learning.

Our email addresses are dolphins@writtleinfantschool.com and sharks@writtleinfantschool.com.

Year 1 News

Parrots class logoTurtles class logo

This week, we have been assessing the children ready for Parents Evening and we are so proud of how much progress they have made. We practised our spellings of high frequency words and common exception words, as well as answering some reading comprehension questions. In Maths, we have worked on presentation of our work in our books and answered some addition and subtraction number sentences. In the afternoons, we have introduced dance and some of the children created some great dance moves involving changing directions. We also have been preparing some wonderful crafts for the special people in our lives, ready for this Sunday.

Click the link for this week's home learning.

Our email addresses are parrots@writtleinfantschool.com and turtles@writtleinfantschool.com.


Squirrels class logo

Foxes class logoThis week we really enjoyed learning about birds! Thank you for your bird facts, they were very interesting. Angie, one of our school cleaners, came into class and showed us her flock of white pigeons. She showed us how to hold them and we watched as she let them go. We were amazed to learn that they find their own way home! We have loved being out in the garden this week. Thank you to those that have offered to help us and given us some of the donations we asked for. We still need some help so there's still time to volunteer. This week we have been re-visiting ai, ee, igh and oa and learning about 3D shapes in maths. Check out our Tapestry challenge to see an activity linked to 3D shapes. Have a lovely weekend.

Our email addresses are foxes@writtleinfantschool.com and squirrels@writtleinfantschool.com.