Message from Mrs. Castell

Dear Parents

Thank you again for all your kind comments and for keeping in touch. My particular thanks to Mrs. Pluck for putting together that wonderful video for VE Day. We were all very emotional watching it and the sentiment was so fitting for our current times.

As you will be aware, despite no real assurances it is safe to do so, the government has announced that two thirds of our school are expected to return around June 1st. I have written to you separately regarding initial arrangements for children returning to school and to ask you for an indication of numbers.

Sadly Mrs. Espinosa-Davis will not be returning to school this academic year before starting her maternity leave in September, due to medical advice advising necessary shielding from coronavirus. We will cover within the school until we break up in July. We are delighted to announce that Miss Williams, who has trained with us for the year will join our team from September. Later in the term I will write to you regarding the placement of class teachers for the next academic year.

I have received some lovely letters from Year Two persuading me that we should do more about recycling in the school. Many thanks to all of you – parents please let your children know how they cheered me up! It is certainly something to work on with the School Council when we fully re-open.

Have a restful weekend, we will be in touch again next week. Stay safe.

Helen Castell