Computing Curriculum


As use of technology increases both at home, work, school and in the community, it is essential that at Writtle Infant School we teach our children to be responsible, competent, confident and creative in their approach to it. Our curriculum, designed from objectives in the EYFS and Key Stage 1 National Curriculum, maximises opportunities for children to use technology confidently. We intend that by the end of Key Stage 1, children will:

  • learn how to keep themselves and others safe while using the internet and the correct procedure to follow if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe;
  • understand the use of algorithms in programs and use this knowledge to create, debug and predict the behaviour of programs;
  • understand how digital systems work and use this knowledge to create and deploy digital content in a variety of ways;
  • develop children’s skills and knowledge to teach them how to express themselves in the digital space;
  • develop their use of technology both in and out of school to prepare them for the future workplace and become active digital users.

Our curriculum offers a range of opportunities for consolidation, challenge and variety.


We ensure that children make progress through teacher questioning, asking children to demonstrate what they have been taught and informal assessments. We provide visual resources and aids for those children needing support, particularly those with SEND. We provide opportunities for growth through challenging children further and deepening their knowledge and understanding of Computing.


At Writtle Infant School we ensure that Computing is enjoyed across the school. All teaching and support staff have high expectations and quality evidence is recorded in a variety of ways. Children will use Computing vocabulary accurately and progress their technical skills until they are confident with a range of devices and producing high-quality, purposeful pieces of work. Children be safe, confident and respectful digital citizens who understand the impact of the digital choices they make, both within school and without.

Progression of Learning Map

Computing Progression of Learning