Year 2 Home Learning – Friday 10th March

This week, we’d like the children to practise measuring things around the home or garden. Topmarks and IctGames have a few measuring in centimetres game which are linked below.

We would also like the children to practise their doubles and halves. Topmarks again has a game called Hit the Button which has a doubling and halves section.

When reading this week, make note of any new words that you come across. See if you can find out what the word means and any synonyms for it. Then try to write some sentences using your word.

Reminders: We look forward to seeing you at the music festival on Wednesday. On Thursday, there will be a Y2 coffee morning to discuss the SATS. We are sorry that these two are happening so close together but teacher strikes have meant things need to be rearranged. For those of you who are unable to attend, we will make sure the information is put on the website/put in your children’s bags.

Your child’s new home learning passport is also available to continue if you have time!