Writtle Neighbourhood Plan – Remember to vote on Thursday 21st October!

A ‘YES’ vote is a vote for the WRITTLE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN

Voting ‘YES‘ at the Referendum will be a vote in favour of a Plan, which has been developed over the last four years and which reflect our Community’s ideas and concerns for the future including:

    • Improvements to the attractiveness of the village, its retail,leisure and business facilities, mix of uses and public spaces.
    • Improved access to green spaces and the quality of these.
    • Improving walking and cycling conditions around the village and into Chelmsford for people of all ages and abilities.
    • Influencing the design of new developments such as Warren Farm so that they reflect the local style and character.
    • Maintaining and strengthening the identity of Writtle as an attractive and tranquil place to live separate from the ever growing City of Chelmsford.

A ‘YES vote will mean that policies in the Plan can start to be used, so that any future changes deliver on these ambitions. Alongside this, increased funding received by the Parish Council through new development can be targeted towards improvements to the quality of our streets, lanes, green spaces and community infrastructure. The Plan identifies a range of potential projects and opportunities that we could both develop and influence. These will be kept under review with you.

A ‘YES’ vote means that Chelmsford City Council will have to take into account the Writtle Neighbourhood Plan, when considering any Planning Applications from now until 2036.

Voting ‘NO’ will NOT put a stop to the proposed development at Warren Farm.

Thank you to all the Villagers for your long term support during this project.

Jonathan Weymouth – Chair
Writtle Neighbourhood Plan Group