How to make wonderful fruit kebabs!

On Thursday 10th June, Dolphins class made fruit kebabs. They wanted to share their instructions with parents to show how carefully they prepared and skewered the fruit!

What you need:
A sharp knife, a selection of different fruit, skewers, chopping board, tap water, plate and an adult to assist!

First, wash your hands.
Secondly, you must wash your fruit.
Now, get out a chopping board and carefully slice the fruit.
Next, put the fruit on the skewer. Be careful not to hurt yourself on the sharp end of the skewer!
Lastly, put your kebab on a plate.
Now, you are ready to enjoy your delicious fruit kebab!


When cutting strawberries, get a fork and stab it into the strawberry next to the green bit at the top. Then with a knife you cut the strawberry in half, whilst holding the fork. After this, take off the fork and cut the green stalk off.
Take an apple and place your hand over it like a bridge (crab) and then place your knife under the bridge, press down and slice.
Follow our top tips, so you can be careful with cutting at all times.

By Dolphins Class