Forest School – Autumn 2 Week 3

What a busy morning today! There was a sweetcorn patch getting started, lots of bug hunting (with the most amount of slugs we have ever seen on a brick) and we found the biggest worm in the world!! It was definitely Superworm! We even found a few ladybirds. We discovered a lovely note from the fairies, we couldn’t believe it, the children left gorgeous notes back, so hopefully they will reply again! We tidied the allotment area and saw the spring bulbs beginning to poke through. We were talking about animals that need our help as the weather gets colder, so we made a cosy hedgehog house. The mud kitchen has also been busy with herb soup, the children used to parsley, thyme and chives, it was very fragrant! The children really enjoyed making mud handprints (I mean, who wouldn’t?). Finally we peeled carrots and made hot chocolate but we were too full from lunch to try it!