Forest Schools – Autumn 1 Week 4

Group 1- Wet,Wet,Wet!!
The children did some lovely painting on leaves and then painted around them, leaving lovely shapes! But the main focus today was the fire, or rather, what was *on* the fire! The children toasted their own marshmallow and wedged it between chocolate biscuits to make a ‘smore. They stayed around the fire keeping warm and even had a chance to use a flint and steel fire lighter to see how I started the fire. Of course, we went over all the safety rules that go with any fire and reminded the children of the importance of staying safe.
The hot water bottle came out earlier than usual (!) as there were a few children who were really cold as they weren’t wearing enough layers. Even when the sun shines in that area, it does get very cold, so as many layers as possible would be so beneficial for the children, to prevent the cold and wet weather from hampering their enjoyment of Forest School.

Group 2 – Even Wetter!
By the afternoon the rain really took hold, so we stayed around the fire again with more tasty ‘smores! There was more painting on trees, I wonder if the trees were smiling today 😁