Forest Schools Autumn 1 Week 1

What a great first session! Today is all about getting to know our surroundings, after an essential chat about the safety elements of Forest School, we explored and played. We are sure you have heard “Sizzling Sausages” mentioned at home. If you haven’t yet, you will! The morning group focused on bug hunting for some time and found some amazing spiders! One Parrot in particular had no fear in holding all of them (not at the same time!). One of the spiders was huge!! I took the photos from afar, thank goodness for my zoom lens!
We ended the session with a chat and peeling carrots around the fire circle. I was really proud as 2 children initially said they did not want to do this, as they might get hurt, but after a demonstration and watching their friends, they took the peeler and showed Perseverance that HIPIP would be proud of! The mud kitchen proved popular too, budding chefs in the making specialising in tea with grass floaty bits, yum!

Group 2 – PM session
We had a very similar session to the morning, with lots of bug hunting but on a slightly different scale – involving slugs! We needed to move the slugs to a new abode as they were too close to the fairy door, we suggested they could be fairies in disguise! So the move went on, the children counted 13 slugs in one place but rather than move individually to the new house they were held all in ONE HAND and relocated. Apologies if you are eating, 13 slugs in one hand!!! I am pleased to report the slugs are happy in their new home which has been placed far away from any fairy residence. The swings were more popular, with friends helping each other. There was also a lot of digging the afternoon with the lovely worms.

We cannot wait until next week!