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Writtle Infant School children’s map of Writtle

Dear Parents and prospective parents,

I am very pleased to welcome you to our school website. I hope that you enjoy looking round the site and it helps you to get a feel for our wonderful school.

Writtle Infant School is a two form entry primary school located in the lovely village of Writtle. Our motto is that our school is:

“A very special place where learning has no limits.”

At the heart of everything we do for our children and their families is our safe, stimulating and inclusive learning environment where every member of our community is valued and respected. All of our staff share this vision and recognise children as unique individuals with specific talents and needs.  They work tirelessly to provide a varied and engaging curriculum and a positive school experience. You will find our classrooms to be hives of activity and full of creativity and learning, making our school a special place indeed for children.

Being the Headteacher of Writtle Infant School gives me great pleasure. I am fully committed to the community of our school and strive to ensure that the school serves our local children and their families to the best of our ability.

A new housing development to the west of Writtle resulted in the building of Writtle Infant School in 1968, alongside the Junior School premises which had opened in 1963, replacing the two smaller village schools which could not accommodate the increasing numbers of pupils. Both schools share an attractive rural location adjoining open farmland close to Hylands Park and are easily accessible by road via the A414 and the A12. The attractive Infant building is regularly refurbished and provides a light, airy, well- equipped environment for the children. The school also has the benefit of a spacious playground, grassed areas for outdoor activities and each year group has its own garden directly outside the classrooms.

We are very proud of our school and hope that you will visit so that you can see for yourself! Please contact the school office for an appointment.

Mrs H Castell

Freedom of Information Act – In line with this national legislation for all public bodies, most of what we publish (e.g. policy documents, governor reports etc.) is available to members of the public, on request, at the cost of reproducing it. Please contact the school office if more information is required.

  • Testimonials

    Mrs Herring demonstrates how well she knows Mary

    Wonderful personal comments from an amazing teacher. I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress and confidence in Mary. She loved reading her report and will treasure those personal comments.

    Year 1 parents

    The children at Writtle Infant School never fail to make me laugh and smile every day.

    One of the special things about teaching here is the wonderful sense of family and belonging. It really is a pleasure to be part of such a great team.

    Mrs Herring

    Evan absolutely loves coming to school

    I am glad to see Evan is excelling in some areas. He is going to miss the Infants and is very excited to be moving up to WJS.

    Year 2 parents

    Attendance is above national average

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    We are very proud of what Albie has achieved in Year 2

    Albie has grown academically and in his confidence. He loves school and loves to learn which we can only thank the school and its amazing staff for.

    Year 2 parents

    Our heartfelt thanks for a brilliant start to Olivia’s education

    Olivia has loved her time at Writtle Infant School and moves on to the Junior school with self-assurance and a solid foundation in all aspects of the curriculum. This is a credit to the whole staffing team, who have been fantastic.

    Year 2 parents

    Teaching is of a consistently high standard across the school and is good in all year groups

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    We are very pleased with the teaching staff and the structure of the day

    We are really proud of Matthew and how much he has developed during his year in Squirrels.

    Foundation Stage parents

    Leaders’ robust practices keep children safe

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    Miss Weller has been fantastic

    Very happy with Connor’s report which gives me a good indication of where he currently is and next steps to progress further. Miss Weller has been fantastic and has really improved Connor’s confidence with both adults and children.

    Foundation Stage parents

    We are thrilled with Amber’s progress

    Thanks for all the support with teaching and extra-curricular activities this year – running club has been a great success in particular.

    Year 2 parents

    Casey has adored his last year at Writtle Infants

    He feels much more confident with his Maths which was really worrying him at one point, and he now picks up books as often has he can as he really enjoys reading in his spare time.

    Year 2 parents

    Really pleased with how well Thomas has settled into school

    Thanks so much to Miss Weller and all the Foundation Stage staff. Hopefully a really good foundation for moving up to Year 1.

    Foundation Stage parents

    I don’t think you could ask more of a school!

    My son always goes into school smiling. He loves being at school, loves learning and being with his friends.

    Mrs Leverett, Parent Governor

    I really like Power Maths!

    I’m already on page 50 of our workbook!

    Toby, Year 2

    Without doubt an outstanding school, a great platform for Archie’s learning

    Archie’s love of his teachers, peers and the systems in place is a testament to the excellent schooling you and your team provide. Thank you so much!

    Year 1 parents

    Sincere thanks to Mrs Espinosa-Davis for her hard work and ever pleasant smile.

    She has worked extremely hard with Owen this year. We gratefully appreciate it.

    Year 2 parents

    A fantastic first year of teaching by Mrs Fisk

    Writtle Infant School has enabled Luca to gain the essential basics to form his foundation to learning. Mrs Fisk has been able to nurture and develop Luca’s thirst for learning and help him build the skills he needs to do this.

    Foundation Stage parents

    Most pupils make strong progress from their starting points

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    Thank you to everyone at Writtle Infants for helping Finley grow

    We are so thrilled with Finley’s progress, very proud mummy and daddy!!

    Year 2 parents

    Thank you for another 3 wonderful years

    It is sad that Alex is now my last child to leave. He has really enjoyed his last year and will dearly miss both his teachers, Mrs Wilson and Miss Springall. He has particularly loved his intervention groups with Mrs Gannicott.

    Year 2 parents

    Governors have a good understanding of the strengths and future steps of the school

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    Leaders take good care of pupils’ physical and mental health well-being

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    I like the early morning activities

    They help me get ready to learn.

    Ella, Year 2

    We can’t thank Mrs Herring enough!

    Mrs Herring is a fantastic teacher with so much enthusiasm and this certainly rubs off on the children. We are certain that she and her helpers really have managed to bring out the best in Ellen this year.

    Year 1 parents

    Many thanks for your hard work!

    During the past year we have seen a real improvement in Daisy’s confidence levels within group/class environments.

    Year 2 parents

    Pupils leave the early years with attainment above the national average and the outcomes for pupils at the end of Key Stage 1 in 2016 and 2017 were above the national average

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    Provision in the early years is a strength of the school

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017

    Extremely pleased that Harvey has settled into this cosy school

    Harvey is continuing to accomplish many new skills independently and with greater confidence along the way. He absolutely loves school!

    Foundation Stage parents

    Teachers and support staff give the right amount of help to pupils with additional needs

    Ofsted inspection, December 2017
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