School meals

Chef Sophie, at Ashlyns’ ‘Writtle Chef of the Year’ competition.

From September 2014 all infant school children are entitled to receive a free school meal. Our school meals are ordered a week in advance using ParentMail. Our caterer, Ashlyns, provides 3 choices of main course (except on Wednesday’s roast dinner day, when the jacket potato option is not available) plus dessert.

You can call Ashlyns on 01277 890821, or visit Ashlyns’ website to find out more about their school catering.

Packed lunches

LunchboxesYour child may, if they prefer, bring a packed lunch to school. This should be a nutritious meal which provides them with the energy they need for afternoon lessons e.g. a filled sandwich / roll, a piece of fruit, a cereal bar etc. (no sweets or fizzy drinks please). Water is always provided for those children who do not bring a drink. As some pupils have severe allergies we ask that no nuts, peanut butter or eggs (e.g. boiled eggs / egg mayonnaise) are included in a child’s lunch.

Lunch time arrangements

If your child goes home at lunch time, or is coming in for the afternoon session, they should return to school by 12.50 pm (Foundation Stage) or 1.10 pm (Years 1 & 2).

Snacks at break times

The children may bring a small portion of fresh fruit / vegetables or dried / flaked fruit every day. It is important that the snack is not a substitute for breakfast. Due to the long day it is extremely important that the children try to have a drink and something to eat before coming to school each day.

Salad bar

Salad bar

Fruit and vegetable scheme

All children receive a free piece of fruit or vegetable each afternoon, as part of a government scheme to encourage healthy eating.

Access to drinking water

We are mindful of the need for young children to have access to drinking water, particularly on warm days and after physical activity. Therefore, the children should bring to school a named plastic bottle of still, plain water to keep in the classroom. This is in addition to the drink the children might bring as part of a packed lunch. The children also have access to 3 drinking water fountains in school – especially important for those children who do not bring a drink.

  • This week’s menu: week 1

    Please click here for allergen and nutritional data.
    Meat/fish: Chicken curry
    Veg: Chickpea & vegetable curry
    Sides: Rice, Cauliflower florets
    Dessert: Apple crumble & custard
    Meat/fish: Ashlyns pork sausage
    Veg: Meat free sausage
    Sides: Crushed new potatoes, peas, gravy
    Dessert: Chocolate brownie
    Meat/fish: Roast topside of beef & Yorkshire pudding
    Veg: Cheese & tomato wholemeal quiche
    Sides: Roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, gravy
    Dessert: Peaches & cream
    Meat/fish: Sticky chicken fillet
    Veg: Sticky Quorn fillet
    Sides: Long grain rice, sweetcorn
    Dessert: Sultana sponge & custard
    Meat/fish: MSC battered fillet of cod OR Salmon & Potato Puff
    Veg: Roasted vegetable & lentil strudel
    Sides: Oven chips, garden peas
    Dessert: Ice cream pot
    Available daily:
    Salad bar
    Wholemeal bread
    Jacket potato with filling (except Wednesday)
    Freshly cut fruit
    Organic fruit yoghurt
    Fresh water/milk

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