Easter Workshops 2018

On 29th March the children spent the day involved in Easter-themed activities. They had the opportunity to move around the school, spending time in different classrooms.

In Foundation Stage Palm Sunday was the main focus. The children joined in a well-known Easter song, ‘We have a king who rides a donkey’ and watched a PowerPoint of Easter photographs. Then, using a makeshift theatre, some of the children volunteered to act out the story whilst it was being read. A group enjoyed waving some pretend palm leaves and moving like a donkey! Afterwards the children worked in groups to retell the story, choosing whether to draw, write or act it out. Some of the children’s work was shared at the end of the session.

In Year One the children made Easter baskets. The younger children made a simple box basket which they decorated. The older children used wool to weave a basket. This took a lot of skill and patience but was worth it. The children listened well to the instructions.

In Year Two the children produced craft work on the theme of the Easter rabbit. They were pleased with their finished creations which they were able to take home at the end of the day. In the afternoon the children returned to their own classrooms. Dolphins and Sharks linked their last activity to their topic on growing. They produced some amazing spring gardens using a range of materials. There were no two gardens the same! They were so imaginative. Some included wooden crosses made out of lolly sticks to resemble the traditional Easter gardens. Sharks class had the clever idea of using a tin can as a holder for a spring plant. They decorated the tin with an Easter bunny. They would make wonderful presents.

There was a real excitement throughout the day. It was lovely to see the whole school engaged in fun and creative tasks. The children enjoyed having a special time together celebrating the important festival of Easter.

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