Children’s Scarecrow Competition Winners!

The Writtle Infant School entry for the Writtle Gardens Open Day, ‘Sam the Sensory Scarecrow’, was created by the children, together with our teaching assistants Mrs. Booker and Mrs. Prentice.

Mrs. Booker and Mrs. Prentice lead our Nurture Group, which aims to develop children’s social and sensory responses. Sam the Sensory Scarecrow is designed to appeal to every one of our senses – his boots are filled with fragrant herbs, his arms are laden with jingling bells, colourful beads and shiny CDs, and from head to toe there are lots of different textures for the children to feel. It’s a sensory feast!

We are delighted to say that Sam was judged the winning scarecrow in the group category on Sunday 11th June. The children are so proud of their medals and trophy! Congratulations to them all and also to Jess in Turtles, who won gold for the single group with an amazing Fantastic Mrs Fox and Alexandra, who also won a trophy for her PC Crow, made with her brother Owen. Bailey got silver for his Green Man Spirit and Charlie C got a special mention for his Tim Peake Spaceman.

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