Practice using money/Reading Skills/Spellings

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All of the children would benefit with some more practice using real money. Play shops: paying for items, calculating totals and giving change. Children could make price tags for their toys etc.

As part of the school focus on developing a love of reading, the children had a guided lesson on answering questions about vocabulary used in a text. They were helped by the Pawsome Gang member Vocabulary Victor. To find out more about how you can help your child with their reading, please take a look at these two documents:
An introduction to the Pawsome Gang
Key Stage 1 focused reading skills – question mats

Spellings this week are the last 25 Common Exception Words. The national expectation is that children in Year 2 are able to spell these words by the end of the year (the past 4 weeks worth of spellings which equals the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words).
1. Mr
2. Mrs
3. class
4. grass
5. pass
6. path
7. bath
8. any
9. many
10. move
11. prove
12. improve
13. again
14. water
15. busy

Challenge words are:
16. eye
17. hour
18. sure
19. sugar
20. parents
21. half
22. whole
23. would
24. should
25. Christmas

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